Yomikata Androïd


Yomikata is an Androïd app helping people to learn Japanese through quizzes by reading practices and repetitions.
The work presented here was the first version of the design I created.

The experience was designed to be gamified, removing the boring aspect of the learning process: the workflow is then oriented around short-terms achievements, highlighting progress, and clear rewards (diplomas, new themes, new quizzes…). Users are then pushed to come back often for short term sessions (10 minutes), more tailored to the mobile actual usages and in-line with the idea of practicing everyday.

UX, UI design and workflow: Nicolas Kraj
Programming and Japanese senseï: Valentin Lanfranchi

App currently in Beta.

mainMain menu, already pushing achievements
as a main goal of the App


quizQuiz screen, with unique keyboard, and adaptive layout,
with the mastery of the words learned color-coded


resultsResult screen example


OverviewFull iconography of the app V1.0 design