Walina Installation


Created as a request from the French institute of Bucharest, Walina is an interactive installation of 5 meters square suspended above the honor hall.

Extreme simplification of the idea of screen, Walina projects a representation of the crowd in the hall, captured with a camera, in a very minimalist way. This chandelier becomes brighter and brighter as more people walk around the room, becoming alive with its activity and following visitors’ movements. It finally questions the idea of visual representation and becomes a representation of the life and atmosphere of the place.

My work covered everything, from concept, technical documentation, electronic realization, software development and final installation.

Realized with Uros Petrevski for NoDesign. Music by Ramuntcho Matta.

Video of the installation

RVB de baseConcept installation’s side plan (no proportion)

4 3 2 7Experiments around the virtualization of the camera signal