Orange et Moi


During my mission in Orange HQ in Paris, I had to realize 2 projects, as the lead designer of the mobile design team.

MesZapps is a platform developed to manage all the Orange apps: download, favorites, special feeds…
Work done: UX, UI design and navigation paradigm for Androïd and Iphone.

welcome_screen                   welcome_screen_03

mes_applis_orange_favoris_03                   mes_applis_orange_toolbar

mes_applis_installees_btON                   mes_applis
Screenshot of the prototype app. The animated tutorial is not visible here.

Orange et moi (english countries: My Orange) is one of the central apps of Orange. Developped for 25 countries and for every devices OS (Androïd, Ios, Windows phone, Blackberry, bada…), it allows users to manage their account and mobile plan live.

Responsible of the Egypt and Polish version of the app, I managed the whole production process and designed the app, from the first specifications to pre-production mock-ups: specifications document, wireframes, workflow, mock-ups…
To support this design, I used personas to challenge the features and the global flow.

oem1Example of wireframe (extract from the 200 pages final document)

oem2Corresponding mock-ups sent to the graphic design team