new lampe
Magee is a low-power adjustable wall lamp I designed for the Cinna design contest in 2010. The activation and positioning of the slabs are done naturally using the magnetism of their six sides. The user is brought to compose instinctively with the slabs and become, then, the creator of its environment, playing with the infinity of the possible layouts.

The slabs added far from the fixed central one, the only power source, tend to lose part of their intensity naturally. The lamp will then not just come on top of the room but melt into the ambient luminosity while using a minimal quantity of energy.

The conception of the slabs has been designed to be as cheap and easy-to-produce as possible, making its industrialization cost-effective and affordable.

FINALE 1 copieQuick 3D render “in-situ” for global feeling

mag2Slab conception: a simple design at a minimal production cost

new lampemagClose-up of the slabs assembled (3D)

FINALE 4 copie FINALE 3 copie FINALE 2 copie mag3Examples of possible layouts (exploration 3D)