Le Cueilleur d’Etoile

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“Le cueilleur d’étoile” (The Star Picker) is an illustrated children book depicting a lonely musician, living in a music-box, leaving his world for the love of a star with the desire to capture her. This book has been written as an initiatory tale, talking about love, belonging, respect and self-accomplishment.

We created this book with a friend of mine, her putting the story into words as I was translating it with pictures.

You will find below early artworks of few of the 50 final illustrations of the final book that I drew to help create the world, the atmosphere and the story as we were moving forward with its creation.

Illustrations: Nicolas Kraj
Script: Sandrine Bessis

Work in progress. To be published in 2017.

Cueilleur rideau 2




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