RFP: Le Centre Pompidou Numérique


RFP initiated by the Centre Pompidou of Paris to design the new “Virtual Centre Pompidou”, a digital plateform that gather the integrality of the center’s content (collections, exhibitions, datas, archives…) as well as creating a “Museum outside the walls” accessible from anywhere.

Our proposition, based on the possibilities of the semantic’s web, rests upon the resolution of various goals: editorials, of mediation and of creation. The graphical aspect should stay uncluttered to showcase the content while keeping the historical identity of the center, from the architecture of Piano & Rogers to the graphical identity of Widmer & Baur.

The structure of the website is as flexible as possible, giving endless layout possibilities, depending of the content to showcase, while the approach is centered on the visitors and the participation parts (offered by the semantic system of triplet-tags and database organization).

The new website of the center has to be more than a communication tool, but a ressources reference website and a consultation plateform of creation, diffusion and sharing among the visitors.

Project realized while working in the NoDesign Agency.

Home3-01Default homepage, pushing clear agenda, and a full visibility on the on-going exhibition and hot content


Home3Another possible homepage’s layout, pushing less, but more detailed, content


soulagesGrand-01Full homepage layout, for exceptional exhibitions or specific artist
(here the difficulty to showcase artists like Soulages)


NOTICEimageRech-01Semantic research of Donald Judd, exploiting the perception of content proximity


NOTICEtotal-01Full “notice” presenting a detailed content facing its sensible links in the database


p1Semantic organization simplification, clustering information

p3Global structure of our answer for the RFP