The Hip-Hop Dance Experience

The Hip-Hop Dance Experience is a multiplayer dance video game published on Wii and Xbox 360 for Kinect targeting hip-hop fans, and players wanting to learn how to dance, providing a more “hardcore” experience compared to other dance party-games. My work for the team was essentially focused on two aspects: the menus (structure, navigation flow, Read more about The Hip-Hop Dance Experience[…]

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2013

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2013 was one of the line-up games of Ubisoft for the launch of the WiiU. Its promise was to gamify fitness, taking into account the new usages trends of technology and today’s game consumption (short sessions, community focused etc.) while, of course, taking full advantage of the new WiiU capabilities (double Read more about Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2013[…]


Project initiated by the Aldebaran company, and realized during my training at l’ENSCI – Les Ateliers. Ido is a 1,40m robot of personalized help for elderly and disabled persons which is currently developed by the company. The design’s goal here is to bring sensitivity and create an emotional bond between the robot and their users. Indeed, taking Read more about Ido[…]


Homojo is a pico-projector associated with an Iphone dock. Its shape, inspired by the Japanese Origami, allows a big freedom of orientation on its different faces without any mechanical piece, making it durable and extremely easy to produce. Questioning the idea of industrial processing in regard of its usages, the projector’s shape serves directly its Read more about Homojo[…]

RFP: Le Centre Pompidou Numérique

RFP initiated by the Centre Pompidou of Paris to design the new “Virtual Centre Pompidou”, a digital plateform that gather the integrality of the center’s content (collections, exhibitions, datas, archives…) as well as creating a “Museum outside the walls” accessible from anywhere. Our proposition, based on the possibilities of the semantic’s web, rests upon the Read more about RFP: Le Centre Pompidou Numérique[…]

Les Arts Décoratifs: Lanvin Installation

Realized as part as the first Museomix event in “les Arts Décoratifs”. “Murmure” was an opportunity offered by “Les Arts Décoratifs” of Paris to realize an interactive installation in the apartments of the famous designer Jeanne Lanvin which are in exhibition in the museum. The main focus was to bring the visitors into the intimacy Read more about Les Arts Décoratifs: Lanvin Installation[…]