Les Arts Décoratifs: Lanvin Installation


Realized as part as the first Museomix event in “les Arts Décoratifs”.

“Murmure” was an opportunity offered by “Les Arts Décoratifs” of Paris to realize an interactive installation in the apartments of the famous designer Jeanne Lanvin which are in exhibition in the museum.

The main focus was to bring the visitors into the intimacy of Lanvin, imposing an atmosphere of confidences and secrecy, specific to this room. As the visual aspect of the room has to stay unchanged, we decided to use the sound as a vector of meaning. 

The visitor, entering those apartments, are brought to share her intimacy. Still in the entrance, they are perceiving life moments: interview of the designer on the radio and historical noises from the vanished street. But when a visitor comes closer, those sounds disappear and give space to confidences and whispers, only heard by one visitor at a time (directional sound canon), as forbidden secrets, giving anecdotes and thoughts on the designer. The confidante visitor is then invited to experiment with the environment, share or not the secrets he heard, and really appropriate the space.

We worked as a team, realizing everything in 3 days from the conceptual design to the scenography, researches, audio realization, electronic and software prototype, installation etc.

Project team: Nicolas Kraj, Caroline Besnard, Clément Dagada, Franck Weber, Arnaud Angelo, Livia Colombani & Paul Coudamy.



lanv3First mock-up of the experience, highlighting the 3 phases of the interaction’s discovery,
and the entry in the intimacy of the whispers.


lanv43D reconstruction of the room to adjust the set-up for the best experience
and validate the possibilities with the museum curators.