Nicolas Kraj
Senior Game & UX Designer

Who am I?

Someone great according to my mom!
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Lead Game designer

Mainly working for Ubisoft, I led successful game design teams, designed AAA games from conception to release on 7 different platforms (Assassin’s Creed, Immortals Fenyx Rising, The Crew), and developed Live plans drastically increasing ARM and player engagement.

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User Experience Director

Currently UX Director for Ubisoft, I have always strived to deliver the best possible user experience to my players: following trends, creating cohesive designs and directions, and testing with end-players at every step of the way. I also created UX guidelines in trainings used worldwide in Ubisoft.

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Creator of

Gdkeys is a design community of published indie developers, AAA designers and students, focused on learning and supporting each others games and projects in an open manner. This is where I also share the tools and knowledge I hope I had access to when I started in the industry.


I also make the best crepes!
Players Focused Common Sense

Currently working in Ubisoft Bucharest, Romania, as a UX Director on an unannounced project.

Having worked in so many fields and for such great projects and teams allowed me to really become a versatile designer. Over the years, I've had to be producer, Live-game expert, lead, and of course: UX expert and game designer. This is what the projects presented here try to picture.

Following the - Form follows Function - mantra, I have been putting the players at the center of my design process, through studies (behavior, demographics...) and playtests (AB testing, focus groups...).

Finally, having lived and work abroad for 6 years, from Bulgaria, to Japan, Australia, Spain and Romania, I believe I became a very open-minded person, able to adapt fast in any kind of environment or project.

  • Including Conception, Ship and Live phases
    on 7 Different Platforms

  • Video-Games: 9 years
    Industrial & Digital Design: 3 years

  • From Development Studios
    to Game Design Students

  • Because a Good Designer
    Doesn't Stay on his Couch!

Notable Projects

It looks like normal projects. But what comes next will amaze you!